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RIC Youth Leadership Summit

“Honoring our Land: We lend our voices, We lend our hands”

July 20-24, 2016
Olympia, WA
We are excited to announce that the 2016 Rooted in Community Youth Summit will be hosted by GRuB in Olympia, WA in partnership with RIC, the NW Native Plants and Foods Collective, the Nisqually Tribe, and many more youth and food justice organizations. Along with location, weather, and wildlife, Olympia is a rich environment for physical and metaphorical growth. In addition to being at the southernmost tip of the Puget Sound, for thousands of years, Olympia has been the home of Salish people who have been the stewards of the seeds that become the foods and medicines that nourish us all. From the Capitol campus to Cooper Point, our rainy slice of the Pacific Northwest is inviting and welcoming to all.

Join youth from across the country to cultivate grassroots leadership, and strengthen the movement through skill building, co-learning, creative arts and direct action.  

Join us and experience:

Field trips to Local Farms, Community Gardens and Food Justice Organizations
Getting a taste of Food and Social Justice in Olympia
Learning the History of Olympia’s Struggles and Activism
Youth-led Workshops
Celebration of Food, Arts, and Culture, with special connections to the Indigenous People of the South Puget Sound
Opportunities to connect with the unique landscape of the South Puget Sound
Staying in dorms at the Evergreen State College
Growth, Inspiration, New Connections and Fun!!!

Please extend this invite to folks that you know who are working on related- food, health and economic equity in historically excluded and low-income youth communities. Thank you!

To register (due by July 3rd):

Fill out the Online Registration

Pay registration fees

Send forms by email to ric.summer.summit[at]gmail.com 

(can be found in the registration packet – RICRegistrationPacket2016 (final))


Regular Registration: March 1st to June 17th        Youth: $200 Adult: $250

Late Registration:  June 17th to July 5th                Youth: $225 Adult: $275

Day-only registration is available for local participants: Youth: $20, Adult: $30

Any submissions after July 5, 2016 will not be accepted

Rates include a discount/scholarship for all participants. No additional discounts are available.

Fees include all housing, food and conference activities. Transportation to and from the event is not included.