Rooted In Community DTown 2015 Day 5 #RIC2015

Sunday was our last day together so we had breakfast by the amphitheater then went right into doing our evals and pros & grows. We slit into the adults and youth and then came together to do a report back. Once we finished that we found a shady tree area and did our closing ceremony where we all went around and said how we felt about the day of action or the summit in general. People said some incredible things and this was really the point in which if we weren’t before we became a family. Once everyone said their piece and how they felt our special announcement happened. First we had the Detroit youth come up and say a few works and thanked us for coming to their city. Then we told everyone that GRUB (Garden Raised Bounty) out of Olympia, Washington are hosting the summer summit in 2016 something I’m super excited about and some of the GRUB youth spoke a little about that. After that we did a water/soil ceremony where took everyone who brought water with them into a bowl then took everyone who brought soil and mixed it with the water. I took some home with me and plan to soon get a little container garden going in my window seal. After that it was hug time & picture time before people had to leave which is of course the best part. Before I left my brother Travis gave everyone a turquoise bead to connect the RIC family.